Thursday, July 07, 2005

Brief post

I am only going to post a brief message today because my mind, like that of any Briton, and probably most of the rest of the world, has been wholly filled with the news of the appalling terrorist attacks here in the UK. I experienced a definite shudder when I heard that King's Cross had been one of the targets that was hit - this Tube station is the nearest one to the British Library and a couple of years ago I was using it on a monthly basis when I made regular trips to the British Library to do research. It was also, of course, the scene of an horrific fire in 1987 and I walked past the plaque that commemorated it every time I used the station - now I wonder if the plaque is still there, and if they will add another plaque now to commemorate those who've died there today.

The mainline station at King's Cross is also, of course, well known to fans of Harry Potter, since it is from platform 9 3/4 that Harry catches the Hogwarts Express every September to begin his school year... At least an incident like today's is one thing young Harry will never need to face...

My thoughts are with everyone in London tonight, whether or not they have been personally affected by the attacks today. Just to be in the city when such a thing happens is sufficient to give one pause.

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