Sunday, October 30, 2005

Tagged !

I've been tagged by Kelly at Big A, little a, so although I'm sure this will be Too Much Information, here are 20 random facts about me !

1 - I'm an ISTJ personality type, making me Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging.
2 - I'm going to be 37 on November 8, but in my head, I'm still 21 !
3 - I love listening to classical music - my favourite radio station is Classic FM.
4 - My favourite book is The Lord of the Rings
5 - Before I became a scholar of fantasy fiction, I was a scholar of First World War literature and history.
6 - I'm single.
7 - I hate shopping, except for buying books.
8 - I'm a passionate supporter of my local library.
9 - I've lived in Hong Kong and Northern Ireland as a child.
10 - I have two younger siblings, both of whom write fanfiction, but writing fiction bores me.
11 - I learnt to play the guitar when I was in my late teens, but I had to give up after I had an operation for a dislocated shoulder when I was in my 20s - I could no longer comfortably hold the guitar.
12 - I have a cat called Shade who lives with my parents.
13 - I don't drive, although I did learn how to drive.
14 - I would love to go to the IAFA conference in 2007.
15 - I'm working on a book about female fantasy heroines.
16 - I published my first paper on Harry Potter just after I graduated (the paper was written whilst I was still an undergraduate).
17 - I can't eat meat or much in the way of dairy produce because of health issues.
18 - Juliet E McKenna is my favourite living fantasy author.
19 - I love frosty mornings with blue skies and sunshine.
20 - I started this Blog on July 3, the birthday of my late friend Margo McRice. I missed having daily email conversations with her about my writing and research, and this seemed like a good way to find others who share my interest.

I tag Camille at Book Moot, Suzi at Words, words, words and the Lady Rona.


I was pleased to find Witi Ihimaera's marvellous book, The Whale Rider in the library yesterday - the last time I looked for it, they didn't have a copy. I've seen the film of it some three or four times so far. If you've not read the book, I heartily recommend it, and if you've not seen the film, do get hold of it, because seeing the whales (instead of merely reading about them) is awesome. Keisha Castle-Hughes who plays the young girl in the film is quite incredible; I think I'll watch the movie again later today.


Kelly said...

I think a book on female fantasy heroes would be a huge contribution to the field.

Michele said...

Well I'm hoping at least one publisher will agree with that assessment, esp. as it's going to be fairly topical: HP, HDM and Garth Nix's Old Kingdom will make up three of the chapters... The plan is that I'll work on it seriously starting in Fall 2006 (after I've got the Tolkien Encyclopaedia and Masters of Magic papers out of the way), although I've already done a fair bit of background reading - and some of the discussions of the primary material partially exist in papers I've already written and published.