Monday, September 25, 2006

The Edge of the Forest - September edition

The new edition of The Edge of the Forest is now up, thanks to the incredible hard work of editor, Kelly of Big A, little a. There's a fantastic interview with Rick Riordan which Camille of Bookmoot got to do (and I'm not a bit jealous, honest !); Pam of Mother Reader shares her experiences of booktalking to teens; Allie of Bildungsroman/Slayground discusses The Eternal Little Boy - specifically Peter Pan prequels and sequels; Kim Winters of Kat's Eye interviews children's writer, Carmela Martino, for A Day in the Life, and much, much more (including lots of book reviews). Talking of Book Reviews, there's now a Review Archive and it's possible now to subscribe to receive notification of when a new issue of The Edge of the Forest is available. Make yourself a cup of your favourite beverage and head on over there for a lengthy reading session !

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