Sunday, November 05, 2006

New books I want to read

One of the painful pleasures of reading other people's Blogs is finding out about new books that are either (a) not yet out in the UK, or (b) the library hasn't got around to buying yet ! Sometimes, some generous Kidslit Blogger will send me a copy of the book (as Kelly, of Big A, little a, and Jen, of Jen Robinson's Book Page have both kindly done in the past), but mostly I just have to politely badger the library into buying it so I can read it ! This week I will be asking for the following three books, reviews for which caught my eye last week on two Blogs.

The Book of Story Beginnings by Kristin Kladstrup was reviewed by Sheila over at Wands and Worlds - apparently it came out in March this year.

Sheila also reviewed Here, There Be Dragons by James A. Owen and came out in September. It's set during WW1, which immediately got my attention, and Oxford seems to be featured as well - which was also attention-grabbing !

Finally, Jen Robinson, of Jen Robinson's Book Page reviewed a non-fantasy book, which looked very interesting, Jumping the Scratch by Sarah Weeks. I don't often read non-genre books, simply because keeping up with genre books is pretty time-consuming, but Jen's review made this one sound very appealing. According to Amazon, this one came out in May. I'm hoping the library is already in the process of buying these three books, if not, I shall encourage them heartily !

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Michele said...

I'll be reviewing it once I've read it, so you'll have to come back and see...