Thursday, December 28, 2006

Harry Potter conference news

I received this announcement in my email today:

HP Education Fanon, Inc, is pleased and proud to announce its 2008 and 2009 conferences, dedicated to throwing wide the doors – and mysteries – of J K Rowling's fantasy world, beyond the story of her hero.

Portus 2008 will occur 10-13 July 2008, at the beautiful Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas. With its theme, "Opening the door to the Department of Mysteries," Portus will explore all the metaphysical aspects of the Wizarding World.

The Ministry for Magic will be scrutinized even more in-depth at "Level Two 2009," which will be held 23-26 July 2009, at the San Jose Cultural Center and Facilities in San Jose, California. The theme for this conference will focus on Defense Against the Dark Arts – both those within Harry's world, and those that fans and scholars encounter.

As our attendees have come to expect, both conferences will feature our traditional array of activities, including optional meals (such as afternoon teas at Portus and keynote luncheons), Quidditch, a vendor room, a common room, art galleries, concerts, and more. And of course, the centerpiece of any HPEF event is the high-quality programming, including panels, posters, roundtables, and presentations, in response to our Calls for Participation.

Websites for Portus and Level Two are anticipated to be running this spring. Keep watching the HPEF website for more details as they become available!

Or watch this Blog as I will definitely post more information as I get it !

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I've just realised I've made 5 posts on my Blog today - yet I'm allegedly still on holiday !


Camille said...

DALLAS!!! I can so do Dallas!!! Oh BOY!

Michele said...

That's you sorted out, then !! *grins*

Kelly said...

Thank goodness you're picking up the slack from us lazybones!!

I hope you had a great holiday season! I'm only now catching up after sleeping, sleeping, sleeping.

Michele said...

It was OK - a bit too Cybils deadline-ish to be totally relaxing, but I've managed to catch up on some sleep !

I'll say nothing of people slacking off from their blogs ! ;-D