Friday, April 13, 2007

The Edge of the Forest Volume II - April issue

The Edge of the Forest (April) is finally up. Here's what's in store this month:

The Edge of the Forest will return May 10. If you're interested in writing a feature article or a review for the May, June, or July issues, please drop Kelly a line.


Mai said...

Interesting link to the article on the Warriors series. My 12 YO daughter is a big reader. She reads everything and anything she can get her hands on. She loves Harry Potter, but she also loves the novels of Diana Wynne Jones. She's getting into the Pern books as well as the Tolkein books.

She is a tremendous fan of the Warriors books. Has been for a very long time. She eagerly anticipates each new release. She reads each new book in about a day.

Her best friend is a very reluctant reader. My daughter introduced this girl to the Warrior books and VOILA! Another fan was born.

It is wonderful to see a series light a fire under someone, and it is wonderful to see the two girls chatting over every aspect of the novels.

Michele said...

I confess I've not read any of the Warriors series as yet, though I'm aware of their existence... So many books, so little time (especially now I'm writing fiction myself !)

Mai said...

I have to admit that I haven't read them either. Usually I read what she's reading if I haven't already but not in this case.

I understand the so many books so little time. I'm writing myself as well so I understand the time that takes.

Michele said...

I ought to see if the library has the Warriors series... And plague the staff for them, if not !