Friday, September 28, 2007

Poetry Friday 67

As you'll know if you're a regular reader, I'm obsessed with "Doctor Who". At the moment I'm particularly obsessed with the character of the Tenth Doctor's Companion, Martha Jones, so when I spotted this poem by Walter de la Mare this morning, I jumped on it (although the description of Martha here doesn't fit the lovely Freema Agyeman (pictured above) who plays Martha Jones):


"Once...Once upon a time..."
Over and over again,
Martha would tell us her stories,
In the hazel glen.

Hers were those clear gray eyes
You watch, and the story seems
Told by their beautifulness
Tranquil as dreams.

She'd sit with her two slim hands
Clasped round her bended knees;
While we on our elbows lolled,
And stared at ease.

Her voice and her narrow chin,
Her grave small lovely head,
Seemed half the meaning
Of the words she said.

"Once...Once upon a time..."
Like a dream you dream in the night,
Fairies and gnomes stole out
In the leaf-green light.

And her beauty far away
Would fade, as her voice ran on,
Till hazel and summer sun
And all were gone:--

All fordone and forgot;
And like clouds in the height of the sky,
Our hearts stood still in the hush
Of an age gone by.

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Anonymous said...

Perfect for a Martha and an autumn day. Not that the weather where I live has been particularly autumnal this week, but it's getting there, I think.

Michele said...

It's definitely been autumnal here this week !! Brr !

Saints and Spinners said...

Ah! Thank you for this. I am a Walter de la Mare fan. I am also a Doctor Who fan, though I'm way behind, having just finished season 2 on DVD (and am still feeling gloomy about the final events). I was intially skeptical of Tennant replacing Eccleston, but my concerns were unfounded. I only wish Tennant's Scottish accent could have made it into the series.:)

Michele said...

I only wish Tennant's Scottish accent could have made it into the series.:)

Oh dear gods, yes !! I'm still niggled at Russell T for not letting David use his natural accent - if CE could, why couldn't DT ? Esp since Seven was slightly Scottish too ! GAH !

Andromeda Jazmon said...

This has got me in the mood to hear a story! I want to sneak up and join that group huddled under the trees listening to Martha.

Michele said...

Oh and she could tell you some stories, could Martha Jones... About travelling through Time and Space, meeting Shakespeare (one of my favouite episodes), being stuck in 1969 for three months (another fave episode), and travelling all the way to the end of the Universe.

Gina Ruiz said...

What a perfect poem for a day like today! It swept me away.

Michele said...

Thank you !