Friday, May 23, 2008

Poetry Friday - 12

I've decided I hate Fridays! I got paid again today - and for the third fortnight in a row, my wages were incorrect (I'm nearly £200 short). I wouldn't have believed it was possible for someone to be so consistently incompetent if I hadn't experienced it first hand.

And not even the arrival of my ticket for the Doctor Who Prom (paid for by friends as a treat) has really cheered me up... (At least my bruises from that fall I took a couple of weeks ago have finally faded !)

* * * * * *

Putting that aside (otherwise the air'll be blue around here), I have the following poem from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow as my Poetry Friday contribution this week.


Into the darkness and the hush of night
Slowly the landscape sinks, and fades away,
And with it fade the phantoms of the day,
The ghosts of men and things, that haunt the
The crowd, the clamor, the pursuit, the flight,
The unprofitable splendor and display,
The agitations, and the cares that prey
Upon our hearts, all vanish out of sight.
The better life begins; the world no more
Molests us; all its records we erase
From the dull common-place book of our lives,
That like a palimpsest is written o'er
With trivial incidents of time and place,
And lo! the ideal, hidden beneath, revives.

This week's Poetry Friday round-up is over at Becky's Book Reviews...


Kelly said...

Awww, Michele. I'm so sorry!! Hang in there and I hope that Prom is fun.

Michele said...

Thanks Kelly. I'm sure the Prom will be fun - a combination of two of my favourite things - Doctor Who and classical music ! Plus I'll be seeing Freema live (and I love her to bits !)...

I'm sure mid-July will come around pretty fast...

sheila said...

Dr Who Prom??? What? Don't you dare hang these little tidbits in front of us like that! When the heck is this and tell me ALL about it!

I just saw an inflatable Dalek on someone else's blog. Nice date idea...

Michele said...

Heh, sorry Sheila. Some DW fan friends of mine clubbed together to buy me a ticket and the coach fare to go. More information here...

Camille said...

I am horrified that they are messing up your wages.

BTW, my daughter who has become an extreme DW fan, found a video of David T. on some British mind reading / magic show. He had to pick a card for a trick or a treat. Can't think what it was called now but itwas fun to see him as "himself."

Do you know the show I'm thinking about?

Michele said...

Indeed I do, Camille - that was Derren Brown's "Trick or Treat" show - it aired last week.

I'm horrified too - and so will my boss be, once I go and see her after the public holiday, since I discovered I've basically only been paid one week's wages, not the usual two. There's simply NO excuse for such incometence...