Friday, August 15, 2008

Poetry Friday - 23

In three weeks time, I shall be seeing this for myself:

(Photos Alistair Muir)

And my excitement levels are steadily rising. This means I'm in well into Shakespeare Mode right now, so this week I'm bringing you another of the Bard's Sonnets.

Sonnet 23

As an unperfect actor on the stage
Who with his fear is put besides his part,
Or some fierce thing replete with too much rage,
Whose strength's abundance weakens his own heart.
So I, for fear of trust, forget to say
The perfect ceremony of love's rite,
And in mine own love's strength seem to decay,
O'ercharged with burden of mine own love's might.
O, let my books be then the eloquence
And dumb presagers of my speaking breast,
Who plead for love and look for recompense
More than that tongue that more hath more express'd.
O, learn to read what silent love hath writ:
To hear with eyes belongs to love's fine wit.

I can hardly wait to see one of my favourite Shakespeare plays live - and with no less than two of my favourite actors (David Tennant and Patrick Stewart) in leading roles.

This week's Poetry Friday round up is over at Big A, little a


tanita✿davis said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS. BOTH OF THEM!? In one play!?

You just might expire from sheer giddiness. Have FUN. Oh, wow, am I jealous!

Michele said...

Oh yes!! Actually, I believe Patrick's also in "Love's Labours Lost" with DT - the two plays are running alongside each other.

And yes, I think I might explode from squee - I was bad enough about the DW Prom, but Shakespeare with these two? Definitely explosive stuff! I'm so glad I had the smart idea to ask my family to buy me the ticket as an early 40th birthday present!

Kelly said...

Happy Early Birthday, Michele! What a great present. Enjoy :)

Michele said...

Thanks! I'm pretty sure I will - and then I'll chunter on and on about it until everyone's bored stupid! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I can't decide whether to squee or swoon. Or perhaps I shall do as the characters in Austen's "Love & Friendship" did and "faint alternately on a sopha". You are a lucky, lucky girl and I envy your recent and upcoming cultural forays.

Michele said...

LOL! Kelly, I suspect I shall squee so hard that I'll swoon!

And believe me, I do know just how lucky I am!!

Sara said...

Oh, man, I just posted about Shakespeare, too---Hamlet, and including a quote from LLL, but nothing like this news! I'm turning a very deep shade of jealous green here. Wow.

Michele said...

Hee. I have ridiculous amounts of Shakespeare memorised - more by accident than outright design.

O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;
It is the green-ey'd monster, which doth mock
The meat it feeds on.

(Othello Act 3, scene 3, 165–67)

Karen Edmisten said...

Add me to the list of green readers!

Michele said...

Perhaps I should change the colour scheme of my Blog? :P