Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Personal Stuff

Apologies to anyone who cares for being MiA the last couple of Fridays for Poetry Friday. I was seriously stressing out about having to move next week.

Except now I don't.

Long story short - my (now ex-)boss at my proofing job kept messing up my wages in the summer and I got seriously behind on my rent because I literally didn't have the funds to pay it (it took 2 months to get the mistakes straightened out!). So about 2 months ago I got a letter from the letting agents to say the landlord wasn't going to renew my lease. I spent weeks trawling room-for-rent ads and trudging to look at places, and then yesterday I got a personal visit from one of the guys at the letting agency to ask if I'd found somewhere new to live. Well I hadn't because finding the money for a deposit (average £350) and a month's rent in advance (another £350) was proving impossible. Anyway he said he'd talk to the landlord and see if he'd agree to me staying here after all. I surmised that the agents hadn't been able to find anyone else prepared to live in this tiny, awkwardly shaped attic room, 'cos the landlord agreed to me staying on after all.

Cue me wilting like a 3 day old lettuce!

I really didn't want the hassle of moving, and while this room's not much, it has been my home for the past 6.5 years!

So that's that - and I'll be back with PF on Friday as usual.


Kelly said...

Oh, man, Michele! Talk about stressful. I'm glad it worked out, 'cause I'm always happy to see you on PF (or any time).

Michele said...

Thanks Kelly. I felt bad about missing it but I just couldn't think of anything poetry related - my brain was refusing to go there (it was going to lots of other places, running around like a headless chicken, but not there!)

Jen Robinson said...

Oh, Michelle, that does sound incredibly stressful. I'm so glad that you don't have to move.

Michele said...

Believe me, Jen, you can't be half as glad as I!