Sunday, January 22, 2006

Terry Pratchett Encyclopaedia

Andrew Butler is editing a volume entitled A Fan's Companion to Terry Pratchett for publication in 2007 by Greenwood Press. This book will be aimed both at readers who are only just beginning to read Pratchett's fiction, and those who are familiar with the whole oeuvre. It will obviously cover all of the Discworld series, but it will also examine his children's fiction and early novels. There will be entries on all of the novels, as well as entries on adaptations, major characters, collaborators, locations, sources/parallels/influences, themes/threads and organisations. It is hoped that the book will help readers find their way around the works, and that we can include enough information that even the most avid reader will discover something they didn't know.

Regular readers of my Blog will know that I'm a fan of the books of Pratchett (see, for example, the following Blog entries: The Matter of Elves, Dragons and Turtles: Myth and Fantasy, Living in a fantasy land and Personal isn't the same as important) and of the work of Butler on Pratchett, but I won't be volunteering for any of the entries in this encyclopaedia - partly because I've already got a lot of work lined up for this year, but also in part because the three entries I would have liked to do (on The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky, and the heroine of both, Tiffany) have already been taken. Still, I look forward to borrowing this one from the library in due course !

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