Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Alex Rider - reprise

I bought second hand copies of Eagle Strike and Scorpia at the beginning of January, and then I managed to pick up a copy of Ark Angel in the library last week, so I had a bit of an Alex Rider reading spree from Sunday evening to yesterday evening, racing through the three books in 48 hours (I devoured Scorpia the fastest because I was so desperate to discover more about Alex's father !) I call the Alex Rider books "popcorn books" because one just isn't enough, and although they're a fun read, they're really not very filling. Don't get me wrong - everyone needs a little light reading now and again, and these books are serious page-turners: I was very glad I had Ark Angel on hand to start as soon as I finished Scorpia, because the latter ends on a cliff-hanger of breath-taking proportions ! I really pity anyone who's been reading each book as it was published and therefore had to wait a whole year to find a resolution to Scorpia's final pages ! I would have been chewing my nails and tearing out my hair in that situation !

If you want fast-paced action, snappy dialogue, danger and excitement then read Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider novels. And Bond had better watch out, because I think Alex Rider is going to give him a run for his money !

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If anyone was kind enough to buy books from Amazon via my Blog, my thanks - I got a gift certificate in payment for sales last week and splashed out on Fire and Hemlock, The Sea of Trolls and the new The Lord of the Rings Reader's Guide (all of which have appeared on my Blog if you follow the links above). I look forward to reading/re-reading them !


Camille said...

Aaacckk...I haven't seen Ark Angel yet. I'm not sure if it available here yet. sob. I am still hanging from the cliff at the end of Scorpia.

Michele said...

Oh really ? Oh my giddy aunt !! It came out ages ago here, so it ought to be out over there by now, surely ?