Saturday, February 04, 2006

Serenity - Keith R A DeCandido

The only other book by Keith R A DeCandido (KRAD to just about everyone) that I've read before now is his only (so far) original novel Dragon Precinct, which is a combination of high fantasy and police procedural. Serenity is his umpteenth novelisation/novel tie-in (KRAD has done novels in the Buffyverse and Star Trek universe amongst others). Strictly speaking Serenity isn't just a novelisation of the film follow up to Joss Whedon's ill-fated Firefly TV show. KRAD also fills in various bits of backstory from the TV show, and he manages to refer to almost every single one of the fifteen episodes that were filmed. This makes the novelisation more detailed than the film, if a little disconcerting on occasion. Still, I enjoyed the book - although I'd rather watch the movie again (fortunately it's out in the UK at the end of this month (and with more extras than the US edition - which makes a change !)

* * * * * *
I watched one of my favourite Season 3 episodes of Buffy today: "The Zeppo" - and discovered, to my slight dismay, that I can quote huge chunks of the dialogue ahead of the characters ! Yikes ! I also watched "Bad Girls" which contains one of my favourite scenes: Buffy enters the library to see Giles sitting on the table and a strange bespectacled man behind him.

Buffy: New Watcher ?
Giles: New Watcher.
Buffy: Is he evil ?

Classic !!


Kerry said...

Whenever Giles sends me on a mission, he always says "please." And afterwards I get a cookie.

Michele said...

Yes that's pretty good !!

I watched some more episodes this afternoon (a treat to myself for getting my essay revisions completed), including "The Prom" - which always makes me cry when Jonathan announces the "write in" award to Buffy and reads out the comments the class have sent in. And I love Giles' repost to Wesley asking whether he can dance with Cordelia: "For God's sakes man, she's 18 and you've got the emotional maturity of a Blueberry scone. Have at it and stop flapping about.." ! Makes me laugh every time... As does Giles' reaction to the discovery that Buffy knows what he and Joyce got up to with that police car in "Band Candy" - smack ! Straight into the tree !! ;-D

Camille said...

My youngest has just about read the covers off her copy of Serenity. She has reread it so many times that it is hanging together by a few wisps of glue and paper.

This is the same kid that turned a hardcover of LOTR into a paperback. The boards of the cover got so soft she could use it as a pillow. Later the cover fell off all together. I have kept that book as a testament to love.

Michele said...

Yikes ! That's a lot of re-reading if she's made the covers fall off already. The book's not been out that long, even in the US !