Monday, July 24, 2006

The Fifth Carnival of Children's Literature

The Fifth Carnival of Children's Literature is now available over at Kelly Herold's Big A, little a Blog. Please check out the wonderful job that Kelly's done of organising the reviews (most of them on the theme of witches) - and this in spite of being on a different landmass and about to fly back to the US after five weeks away !


Kelly said...

Thanks for the link, Michele! I made it safely back after:

1) Overcrowded Heathrow terminal. About 500 degrees.
2) Plane 2 hrs late
3) Eli throwing up through US customs
4) All baggage but a car seat arrives in 5 minutes. Have to wait 55 more minutes for said car seat (which is worth $19 in all)
5) An 85-year-old taxi driver from LAX to my inlaws apartment. Easily the most dangerous part of my entire travels. I seriously thought he'd crash at 70 miles an hour.
6) 6th floor apartment. 7 bags. Elevator out of service because of heat wave.

Seriously, though, it was so great to meet you. Have you read "How I live now"? If you haven't, I'd love to send it to you with "The Book Thief." Let me know!

Michele said...

Yikes !! Sounds very traumatic (especially the taxi driver and the broken elevator !)

I've not read "How I Live Now", although I've heard of it, of course, as I have "The Book Thief"...

Kelly said...

Okay, I will send them to you both next week when I am at my parents. I have to send a box of books home anyway--all the Horrible Histories Anna read while she was in the U.K. She just ate those up at an alarming rate!

You'll love "How I Live Now" I think which is very reminiscent of (but not the same at all somehow) "I Capture the Castle."

Michele said...

OK then. There's no immediate rush, of course, as I've still several books from Orbit to read - not to mention a larger pile of library books ! *grins*