Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Tide Knot - Helen Dunmore

I had to wait more than a month for the library to get me a copy of Helen Dunmore's The Tide Knot, but it was well worth the wait.

Sapphy, Conor and their mother have moved away from their cottage by the cove, in an attempt to get away from the memories of their father, who disappeared two years ago. They now live in the nearby town of St Pirans but Sapphy can't adjust to her new home and new life, and she can't suppress her memories of her father and his mysterious disappearance. She feels restless and unsettled, in spite of having her dog Sadie to keep her company. Sapphy finds herself increasingly drawn to spending time in the underwater world of Ingo with her Mer friend, Faro. She learns to talk with the dolphins and when one is washed up onto the beach at St Pirans she talks to it, explaining to it how she and the other humans are going to rescue it. Later she goes with Connor and Faro to meet Faro's wise teacher, Saldowr, but the current they are travelling in pulls her away to the Deep, where even the Mer cannot go. Sapphy survives, however, and is helped to reach Saldowr by a whale, with whom she also talks. Saldowr shows Sapphire and Connor the Tide Knot, literally a large stone that controls all the tides in Ingo. Although Connor has been trying to suppress his Mer side, he does notice that there are words on the Tide Knot keystone, but he finds he cannot read them.

One night, however, the Tide Knot is unloosed and a major flood rushes into St Pirans; Sapphire finds herself trapped in her house with her mother, Sadie and a friend (Rainbow). Connor and Faro turn up to tell Sapphire that Saldowr needs both Connor and herself to help him in Ingo. So she leaves her sleeping mother, dog and friend in the loft of the cottage and goes with Faro and Connor to give him their help.

Like Ingo, The Tide Knot is a fast paced read and the reader can easily find themselves swept along on the tide of narrative. However, the ride is worth it !

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Anonymous said...

i thought this book was book but i really enjoyed the first book ingo but my favourite part in this book was wen sapphires dad started calling her it was scary a bit but really exciting to find out wat was going to happen.