Thursday, March 01, 2007


Today sees the official launch of Readergirlz, four female YA authors (Janet Lee Carey, Lorie Ann Grover, Dia Calhoun and Justina Chen Headley) who are keen to encourage girls to be gutsy. Here's what their official Manifesta says about what they stand for, what they believe and what they promise us:

* Readergirlz is about having serious fun while talking about books with the author and your friends!

* Readergirlz is about getting the inside scoop about why the novel was written, the tears and joys and real-world angst that the author has lived and layered into her story.

* Readergirlz is about reading great books to get to know yourself, your friends, and yes, even your mother, better.

* Readergirlz is about celebrating strong girls in books who've got the guts to dream.

* Readergirlz is about reaching out to others based on what you've read.

* And most of all, readergirlz is about inspiring girls to make history of their own!

You can check out readergirlz online at the following sites:

And on their own website, you'll find information about the four Readergirlz Divas.


Little Willow said...

Thanks for posting and supporting the readergirlz!

Michele said...

No problem ! If I ever manage to drag my brain back from the Whoniverse, I'll even join in the discussion...