Monday, March 12, 2007

When someone knows you're a big fan

of something, they may do something remarkable - like bake you cookies in the shape of Daleks:

How cute is that ? There were three of them - and the workmate who made them is a male English student. I was totally impressed, amused and charmed. Thanks Steve !

Now I'm going to go eat the last one whilst I finish reading my current "Doctor Who" library loan - review to follow.


Little Willow said...

That's awesome. Did you scream


as you ate them?

Michele said...

I confess that I didn't ! I just grinned one of the Doctor's big mad grins and then bit their heads off !

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, it was my pleasure to make them Michele, though there was quite a debacle involved, making the kitchen covered in flour in the process. Anyway, hope you enjoyed them - hostile elements will be deleted and all.

Michele said...

I hope your housemates were OK with flour all over the kitchen ?!

I thoroughly enjoyed them, thanks again - definitely made my day !