Thursday, June 14, 2007

Poetry Friday article

Susan of Chicken Spaghetti has a nice explanatory piece on Poetry Friday over at the Poetry Foundation website. It explains the origins of this "kidslitosphere" tradition, so do check it out.

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This working from home business is exhausting ! Thanks to the generosity of everyone who contributed to the "fighting fund" organised by Kelly H, I'm getting Broadband today so hopefully it'll get a little easier from tomorrow when working will be quicker, and I'll be able to get myself into a proper routine of working and writing. In the meantime, I have today off from working - so I can get the broadband installed and working - and I'm hoping to do a handful of "capsule" reviews of about a week's worth of books that I've yet to review. They'll be short (hence "capsule") but I figure a short review is better than no review at all !


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning the article, Michele. It was fun to write.

Michele said...

Excellent !