Thursday, June 07, 2007

Meme: Personal/Professional Goals

Elaine of Wild Rose Reader has kindly (I think !) tagged me with a new meme - to share 10 - 15 professional and/or personal goals for the summer. Since I won't be having a summer break (see my previous post), I'm going to shift the parameters slightly to my goals for the rest of the year.

1 - Finish my series of "Doctor Who" novellas. I've reached the mid-way point (more or less) of story 6 out a projected series of 14.

2 - Write my first non-Who time travel tale (as mentioned here) for which I'm currently doing all kinds of background reading.

3 - Figure out a routine for working from home that means I earn enough to live on and still have plenty of time to write. My office hours were 7 am - 3 pm, which meant I had a good two hours (sometimes two and a half) after I got home from work in which to write solidly before dinner. I'd actually like to have more time each day in which to write - and certainly I'll gain about 45 minutes by not having to bus into town every day.

4 - Get work re-started on my study of fantasy heroines. I began this 4 years ago, but I've been waiting, in part, for J K Rowling to finish the "Harry Potter" series since Hermione is one of the fantasy heroines about whom I want to write.

5 - Watch all three seasons of the New Doctor Who series back to back - something else that *may* be more easily achieved if I'm working from home.

6 - Re-read the Harry Potter books. I had planned to re-read them all before the final book comes out, but I'm not convinced I can achieve that in the time that's left, given everything else I want to read - and all the writing I'm doing.

7 - Go to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End at the cinema - it's out, but as usual I'm broke !

8 - Read the various "Doctor Who" novels and short stories I've acquired in the last few months.

9 - Read some of the other books I've acquired in the last few months that people keep telling me are good !

10 - Finally write that "Ode to Doctor Who" that Elaine challenged me to write back in early May.

Now who can I tag ? I think I'll tag Nancy of Journay Woman and hope she forgives me !


Elaine Magliaro said...


Thanks for responding to my meme tag. Can hardly wait for the ode!!!
I hope you enjoy working from home. When my husband isn't traveling, he works at home now--and much prefers it. He hated the long commute he had every day. In addition, he has a lot more freedom with his time.

Michele said...

Thanks Elaine - I'm trying to look at it positively - the big issue is the cost of dialling up and how much I get paid (since work won't cover my phone costs) until such time as I can get broadband installed...

Nancy said...

Thank you for the tag! I'll work on this over the weekend hopefully.

Sorry about your news, but would harbor a guess that you'll end up happier for working at home!

Best wishes!

Michele said...

Thanks Nancy - I'm hoping it'll work out for the best, giving me far more writing time...

No rush to respond to the meme - at your convenience as always !

Nancy said...

I did the meme! It was an interesting exercise, as now I realize I'm taking my summer much too seriously.

Michele said...

Cool ! I'll take a look...