Thursday, November 03, 2005

Batman Begins

I watched Christopher Nolan's "re-boot" of the Batman franchise, Batman Begins last weekend. I'm not a long-standing fan of Batman; I've never read the comics, nor have I ever seen the TV shows or the previous four films, but I was interested in the film because of the articles and reviews I had read in various places (most notably in SFX). Fortunately my brother kindly agreed to lend me his DVD, so I was able to watch it. It totally blew me away (OK, not as much as Serenity because the Great God Joss (TM) rocks !), but I thought it was a fantastic film. It was lovely for a newbie to the franchise to see just what led Bruce Wayne to become Batman. Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne was awesome, Michael Caine as Alfred his butler was humorous, and Gary Oldman (as Jim Gordon, the policeman) and Liam Neeson (as the dastardly Ducard) were both a revelation. Like Oliver, I must, Sirs, ask for more, please !

I recommend that you buy Batman Begins (or rent it at the very least), even if superheroes are not normally your "thing"...

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