Saturday, October 07, 2006

Carnival of Children's Literature Reminder

This is just a reminder that you only have two weeks in which to sign up for the 8th Carnival of Children's Literature, on the theme of Halloween, which I'm hosting on October 31. I invite you to send me posts about books/films/poems about witches, pumpkins, vampires, ghosts and ghouls, and anything else that might be related to Halloween (your latest Harry Potter theory, perhaps ?). Submissions can be emailed directly to me or they can be made via the Carnival Site. Sorry I don't have a nifty clickable box over in the right-hand pane - the one thing Beta Blogger doesn't want to do is let me post such a link ! I'll try to devise an ordinary text link instead.

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of a Blog Carnival, you might want to check out the previous Carnivals of Children's Literature which were hosted as follows:

The First Carnival of Children's Literature was at Here in the Bonny Glen.
The Second Carnival of Literature, A Coney Island Adventure was at Chicken Spaghetti.
The Third Carnival of Children's Literature was at Semicolon.
The Fourth Carnival of Literature, the Broken Toe Edition was at Here in the Bonny Glen.
The Fifth Carnival of children's Litetature, the Witches Edition was at Big A, little a.
The Sixth Carnival of Children's Literature was at Castle of the Immacualte.
The Seventh Carnival of Children's Literature, the Harvest edition is at Wands and Worlds.

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