Monday, October 02, 2006

The Shadewell Shenanigans - David Lee Stone

The third of the Illmoor Chronicles by David Lee Stone is The Shadewell Shenanigans. The lords of Illmoor, led by the ill-starred Duke Modeset, former Duke of Dullitch, have had enough of the mayhem caused by Groan Teethgrit, a slow-witted barbarian warrior, his half-brother Gape, and the dwarf Gordo Goldeaxe, so they meet in the conspirators' haven of Shadewell where Modeset outlines his plan to rid Illmoor of the mercenary menaces. In short order Groan, Gape and Gordo are sent off on a quest for four treasures in the most dangerous parts of the continent. The trio spend their time stomping around Illmoor, getting assaulted and failing to find the fictitious treasures whilst encountering various odd people including a vampire zombie Count married to a chicken and Loogie Lambontroff, who spends most of the book as a disembodied head dispensing dubious advice whilst being dangled by his hair. In the meantime, Duke Modeset attempts to usurp the throne of King Phew of Phlegm, whose daughter Princess Susti has been conned into sending the Teethgrit brothers on their faux quest, much to her intense annoyance. She's so annoyed that she attempts to escape from the palace several times, intending to go and warn the Teethgrits, only to be foiled each time by Duke Modeset.

Princess Susti is definitely a feisty female - and one of the more entertaining characters I've encountered so far in the Illmoor Chronicles.

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