Friday, October 27, 2006

The Singer of All Songs - Kate Constable

Kate Constable's The Singer of All Songs is the first in a secondary-world fantasy series. In the world of Tremaris, magic is fading away. From the ice wall of Antaris, to the forests of Spiridrell and the hostile streets of Mithates, and even beyond, Tremaris is a land divided. 16 year old Calwyn knows nothing of the world beyond Antaris, however. She lives in Antaris, tending the bees and learning the chantment of the ice-call, albeit restlessly. But one day, as Calwyn is engaged, with her sister priestesses, in singing the chantment that strengthens the ice wall that surrounds them, she discovers a wounded man inside the wall. Darrow tells terrible stories of fear and hatred in the Outlands, where chanters are persecuted and magic is a dying art. When Darrow's enemy, the sorcerer Samis, comes looking for him in Antaris, Calwyn and Darrow set out on a journey through the wide lands of Tremaris, endeavouring to find other Chanters with whom they might work against Samis, in order to prevent him becoming the Singer Of All Songs.

This series was recommended to me some time ago, but it's only just become available in the UK, and I'm pleased to see it lives up to the strong recommendation that I was given.

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