Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Doctor Who Seasons 1 and 2 Soundtrack

Murray Gold's Doctor Who Soundtrack CD is, to use the Doctor's favourite word, FANTASTIC ! There are 31 tracks on this CD (as listed below) and there isn't a single "stinker" amongst them. What's more, they're all so beautifully written and evocative that just by closing my eyes, I could see again the scenes for which they were written. I listened to this CD twice this morning and found my heart racing when "Tooth and Claw" and "The Daleks" were playing, and I was struggling not to cry whilst "Father's Day" and "Doomsday" were playing. I also found myself singing along (below my breath since I was at work !) to "Song for Ten" and "Love Don't Roam" from the two Christmas episodes. I especially love "Song for Ten" - it plays whilst the 10th Doctor is looking through the TARDIS wardrobe area towards the end of "The Christmas Invasion" as he's trying to pick an outfit that matches his new self's personality - and I could picture the big dopey grin that David Tennant's Doctor gives to Rose and her replying grin as he walks into Jackie's flat wearing the brown pinstripe suit and long camel coloured coat... Similarly, "Love Don't Roam" conveys all the misery and heartache that the Doctor is hiding over losing Rose as he does his best to save Donna's life in "The Runaway Bride".

Murray Gold has supplied the sleeve notes for the CD booklet and there's a fascinating glimpse into the life of a composer in reading his notes. This CD comes highly recommended if you're a fan of the New Doctor Who series from BBC Wales. (The last time I was this excited about a soundtrack CD, it was Howard Shore's music for The Return of the King !)

Track Listings
1. DoctorWho Theme – TV version
2. Westminster Bridge
3. The Doctor's Theme
4. Cassandra's Waltz
5. Slitheen
6. Father's Day
7. Rose In Peril
8. Boom Town Suite
9. I'm Coming To Get You
10. Hologram
11. Rose Defeats The Daleks
12. Clockwork TARDIS
13. Harriet Jones, Prime Minister
14. Rose's Theme
15. Song For Ten (performed by Neil Hannon)
16. The Face of Boe
17. UNIT
18. Seeking The Doctor
19. Madame de Pompadour
20. Tooth and Claw
21. The Lone Dalek
22. New Adventures
23. Finding Jackie
24. Monster Bossa
25. The Daleks
26. The Cybermen
27. Doomsday
28. The Impossible Planet
29. Sycorax Encounter
30. Love Don't Roam (performed by Neil Hannon)
31. Doctor Who Theme – Album mix

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