Monday, January 01, 2007

Interview with Billie Piper; Happy Feet

Billie Piper, the actress famous for being the former Doctor Who assistant, Rose Tyler, and then Philip Pullman's Sally Lockhart, is interviewed by Jessica White for Stephen Hunt's SF Crowsnest site. Piper will soon be filming the second book in the Sally Lockhart quartet, The Shadow in the North.

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I went to see Happy Feet this morning. It's a funny yet serious movie about a dancing penguin who manages to save his entire Emperor Penguin colony from starvation after he takes his Happy Feet across the Polar icecap to communicate with the humans who are slowly taking away all their fish. If that sounds sentimental or mushy, it isn't. It's funny, thought-provoking and very toe-tapping - I came out of the movie wanting to tap dance !! Elijah Wood voices Mumble (the tap-dancing penguin), Hugo Weaving voices the disapproving colony elder, Robin Williams voices TWO penguins (there's no stopping him, when he gets going !), and Hugh Jackman voices Mumble's father Memphis. If you get the chance, go and see it.

They trailed Miss Potter, the new Rene Zellwegger film about Beatrix Potter, which I was considering seeing and now definitely want to watch (it's out this weekend in the UK), and Charlotte's Web, which I had already seen and loved the trailer for - new mom, Julia Roberts is voicing Charlotte A Cavatica, which should be interesting (and is out in early February here).

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