Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Cybils Winners Are Up!

OK, I'm not going to make you trek over to the Cybils website without first telling you that the winner in the Science Fiction and Fantasy category (for which I was a nominations panellist) is Ptolemy's Gate, the third book in the Bartimeaus trilogy written by Jonathan Stroud (and which I read and reviewed a year ago). Woo Hoo ! Hooray for Jonathan (and Bartimaeus !)


Anonymous said...

Glad that you're happy with the winner, Michele! I've just ordered myself a copy of this book. Have a great day (well, evening, I guess)!

Kelly said...

I jumped UP AND DOWN when I heard this one won. (I didn't get the committee email for some reason.)

This book is awesome. My daughter, a smart reader as you know, has read it multiple times and has listened to it at least five times.

Hooray for Ptolemy's Gate!!!!

Erin said...

Hooray indeed!

Michele said...

I'm very, very happy ! I confess I was dreading that the winner would be one of the two books of which I wasn't fond ! But this one is Excellent !

Kelly, your daughter has taste and discrimination !