Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Nightmare of Black Island - Mike Tucker

Mike Tucker's The Nightmare of Black Island features the Doctor and Rose as played by David Tennant and Billie Piper in the hit series from BBC Television.

A young man named Carl Jenkins is taking a fishing holiday in Ynys Du, a small village on the Welsh coast. As he fishes using his late father's fishing equipment, he recalls that he was afraid of fishing hooks as a child. Then he sees a flash of light, and then another, which he's certain must have come from the nearby lighthouse, even though he knows it hasn't been used since the 1970s. Suddenly Carl hears a child's laughter, falls over, and then sees a boy of around five years old wearing pyjamas. The next moment a multi-coloured, four-armed creature over two metres tall appears out of the ocean. Carl sees that it has fishhooks for claws, before being killed by the beast.

In the TARDIS, Rose sees these events whilst lying on the Control Room bench, sleeping. She wakes from the dream and the Doctor realises that the TARDIS itself witnessed the events that Rose had dreamt about - also in a dream of sorts. They head to Ynys Du to investigate. The Doctor sees someone in a white coat on the shoreline, but cannot find them when he investigates. He does find some blood, but there's no sign of a body or of Carl's fishing equipment. The Doctor and Rose head for a patch of woodland where they're confronted by a monster, which the Doctor notices is not the product of any normal evolutionary process, and which also looks entirely unlike the monster that Rose saw in her dream. Another creature emerges from behind them - the fishhook monster this time. The Doctor and Rose run, coming across many more monsters. The Doctor eventually manages to scare them away by setting off the alarms on all the nearby cars using his Sonic Screwdriver.

They head to a local pub and begin to investigate the mystery of why this small Welsh village is over-run with monsters every night, why the children are frightened to sleep at night, and what is going on at the former Rectory, which is now owned by local-boy-made-rich, Nathaniel Morton, who is no favourite of many of the villagers. Both Rose and the Doctor find themselves in life-or-death situations as they try to help the villagers, but neither one of them lets that get in the way of doing what they see to be the right thing.

It's possible to buy the The Nightmare of Black Island Audiobook, read by the Doctor himself (David Tennant), and it's possible to get The Nightmare of Black Island from

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