Friday, February 02, 2007

Harry Potter conference - Sectus Update

Having been proved uncannily right about the publication date of the final Harry Potter book as announced yesterday (Darn but I wish I'd put money on it !), the Sectus 2007 organising committee have sent out the following message:

It All Ends at Sectus!

The Sectus committee is currently rejoicing at the news that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the final book in the series, is to be released during our conference.

This means that Sectus is not only the biggest Harry Potter conference ever to have been held in Europe, but is also set to be the ultimate release party.

In amongst the excitement, though, the Committee is hard at work making sure the event can be adapted to the new circumstances. We will bring you further details once the frantic phone calls and emails produce some results, but in the meantime we can confirm the following:

* Arrangements are being made to secure books for all conference attendees who require them at midnight on the release date.

* Space will be provided for those who wish to read through the night, at a location to be confirmed.

* There will be a rigorous spoiler policy in effect throughout the event.

If you want to read the book overnight on Friday night, you'll have two days to discuss and analyse the contents with hundreds of fellow fans.

And for those who do not wish to read the book immediately, alternative programming will be provided, as originally planned, and there will be procedures in place to ensure that those who wish to avoid spoilers are able to do so.

We set up Sectus with the aim of celebrating the beginning of Harry Potter, and now we're celebrating the end as well!

More information is avaiable on the Sectus website.

This news settles it for me - I won't be going to Sectus 2007 !


Unknown said...

You won't be going? It sounds like fun - I wish I could go!

Michele said...

Well no, not now. It's a lot of money to spend, sitting around reading the book, when I could be sitting comfortably at home reading it and then discussing it avidly with friends online !

Unknown said...

Well, good point!

Michele said...

Thanks !

Nancy said...

I'm going to be on a sailboat when the book comes out. I'm distressed. I'll have to wait an extra 3 days to get my copy, and by then there will be billboards everywhere with big fat spoilers.

Michele said...

Oh no, Nancy ! Poor you !!