Saturday, March 24, 2007

Five Non KidsLit Blogs I Read

Liz, over at A Chair, A Fireplace and a Tea Cozy tagged me to participate in this one - and I panicked a little because I wasn't sure that I read five non KidsLit blogs, but here goes (in strictly alphabetical order):

1 - I'm cheating already - I simply have no shame ! BBC Cult Doctor Who News isn't strictly speaking a Blog, just a News Feed, but I'm totally hooked on it as the start of Season 3 rushes towards me !

2 - Juliet E McKenna's Live Journal - Juliet writes fantasy for adults set in a secondary world called Einarinn. Her novels are intelligent, feature feisty female protagonists and utterly grip me. She also writes about the writing life (including her experiences of Conventions and leading creative writing courses), and she happens to be a good friend (lucky me!)

3 - Lowebrow Blog - L Lee Lowe contacted me and invited me to read her YA short stories (at Into the Lowelands) and we became friends. The Lowebrow Blog is about writing, reading and the Lowelife!

4 - Petrona - Maxine's totally prolific, I've lost count of the number of Blogs she owns. "Petrona" is "Thinking and linking about books, reading, writing, publishing, the web and more".

5 - The Write Fantastic Live Journal - The Write Fantastic is a "collective" of fantasy authors who work together to promote fantasy books to new or lapsed readers of fantasy fiction. They do conventions, library talks, book signing events, all sorts. And Blog about it on their Live Journal.

I hope Liz won't disown me now for such blatant cheating...


Lee said...

Thanks, Michele. I hope, however, that this doesn't mean I have to follow suit. I'm having a Marshall McLuhan sort of phase about the internet - it's not the content but the medium itself that's shaping us.

Michele said...

No one needs to play along if they'd rather not. I didn't "tag" anyone this morning because most of the people whom I thought would want to play along had already been tagged by others...

Maxine said...

Thank you, Michele, I am honoured. I haven't been tagged by anyone else, and even if I had been, I'd be just as honoured to be mentioned by you. It makes it all worthwhile for me to think that someone likes reading my blog (Petrona being my "proper" blog, the others are more in the nature of archives or aides-memoire!)

I've been enjoying all your Dr Who related posts recently, BTW. I think DT is growing on me a bit as the memory of Barty Crouch Jr is fading ;-)

Michele said...

Thanks Maxine !

What's not to love about the lovely David Tennant ? He's just so brilliant an actor, as well as being utterly gorgeous... *sigh* What more could a girl ask for ?