Thursday, May 03, 2007

Nightrise: The Power of Five - Anthony Horowitz

The third of Anthony Horowitz's "Power of Five" series, Nightrise has just been published and I was lucky enough to be able to pick up the library copy this week.

Fourteen-year-old twins Scott and Jamie Tyler are foundlings with no sense of who they are or where they come from; all they know is that they have a unique and extraordinary power, the gift of telepathy, which they put to the test every night in front of a Reno theatre audience as an act in "The Circus of the Mind". When Scott is kidnapped by the sinister Nightrise Corporation, the boys' powers are tested to their limits and beyond. Jamie goes hunting for his twin and finds himself hurtled back into the past and embroiled in a ferocious battle unlike any other. Jamie find himself involved in an epic struggle between the forces of good (the Five) and the forces of evil, the Old Ones. And for the first time in this series, the Five are united in their purpose and therefore can confront the malevolence head-on as they prepare themselves for a struggle for supremacy with the Old Ones, but with the odds stacked heavily against them.

It's interesting that this book focuses almost exclusively on Jamie and Scott, unlike the first two (Raven's Gate (Review) and Evil Star (Review)), both of which focused on Matt Freeman, the English one of the Five Gatekeepers. It's likely the fourth book will finally focus on the female Gatekeeper, Scarlett Adams, whose father (it's revealed at the end of this book) owns the Nightrise Corporation.

Nightrise is also available as an Audiobook and from

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