Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Death of a Ghost - Charles Butler

Charles Butler's new novel Death of a Ghost is a timeslip ghost story from the author of The Fetch of Mardy Watt (which I read last August)
and Calypso Dreaming (which I've yet to read). When 16 year old Ossian returns to Lychfont House from America with his artist father, he finds things are both familiar and yet oddly different. He reacquaints himself with the Frazer family, who live at Lychfont, and finds himself questioning the accuracy of certain of his childhood memories and wondering just why the place seems to hold such power over him. Of one thing he is sure, however: the ghosts are still haunting him. Whilst Ossian is puzzling over his existence, a Celtic goddess is searching for her lost love. Sulis calls in the scryer to track down her lover, wherever he may be, for their wedding must go ahead. After all, she and Ossian were made for each other! But which Ossian is which ? There's the 15th century apprentice to a goldsmith/alchemist who has a sideline in torture for the government of the day; there's the Iron Age son of a priest of Sulis; and then there's the 21st century son of an artist. But for whom of these three is Sulis searching ?

This is a supernatural thriller that grabs the attention from the first page and refuses to let go. The twist in the tale is quite astonishing and chilling. I won't say more or I'll spoil it !


Lee said...

So glad you reviewed this title. Butler deserves to be much better known. He's such a wonderful craftsman - and I mean this in the best sense of the word.

Michele said...

He most certainly does ! To that end, I'm doing a piece on his books for The Edge of the Forest this month, so look out for it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele,

This looks interesting, but sadly, not available in the U.S. I've added it to my list of books to look for when I next visit the U.K. (yes, I know I can buy from Amazon UK, but that seems to me to take the challenge away)

Michele said...

Jen it may not have been published simultaneously in the US; it's only been out in the UK for a couple of months ! I can find out when it is due out and let you know.