Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Tide Knot - Helen Dunmore

Here's some good news for those of you who, like me, are fans of Helen Dunmore's glorious book Ingo, which I reviewed here; the sequel The Tide Knot is now out in the UK.

Here's a synopsis from Amazon:

"There's a current racing ahead, the colour of the darkest blue velvet. We plunge forward. The current is so strong that it crushes me. I'm jolting, juddering, struggling in its grip, but I can't break away. It's got me, like a cat with a bird in its claws." Sapphy, Conor and their mum have moved away from the cottage by the cove - away from the memories of their father, who disappeared two years ago - to the nearby town of St Pirans. Ever since, Sapphy has felt withdrawn and restless; she can't adjust to her new home and new life, and can't suppress the memories of her father and his mysterious disappearance. Unhappy in the world of Air, Sapphy finds herself increasingly drawn to the underwater world of Ingo and to her Mer friend, Faro. There she makes new friends: Faro's powerful, wise teacher, Saldowr, the dolphins, a whale and even sharks. But Ingo is becoming a more dangerous place. Although Conor senses this and pleads with Sapphy to stay away from Ingo, he cannot get through to her. And as Ingo grows in power both Sapphy and Conor are called to its depths to take on the might of Ingo's tides!

Minutes after I spotted this in the bookstore, I raced into the library (well, OK, I hurried !!) and asked if they had it yet. I was told it was on order and there were no reservations for it, so I promptly reserved a copy for myself. In the meantime, I will have to buy the paperback of Ingo (now it's out), so that I can read them back to back.

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The observant amongst you will have noticed that I've added a quote from Henry Miller to the sidebar (over there, under my Profile -->); it sums up perfectly my experience of books both here on my Blog and elsewhere across the Net and in real life, so I decided to add it to my Blog as a sort of manifesto. I hope you like it.


Kelly said...

I love the quote, Michele.
And I'm so happy the sequel is out. I can get it when I'm in the U.K.!

Michele said...

Well that's one vote in favour of the quote !

I thought of you, Kelly, the moment I saw the book !!

Kelly said...

Yeah, I'm not surprised you thought of me. I loved "Ingo"!

Michele said...

Who didn't ? Do you know of anyone who didn't like it, because I don't ?

Anonymous said...

im so glad the book is out. i have to read it!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Im so glad its come out. Ingo is definitely one of my favorite books. Too bad my library doesnt have it. Maybe if i wait... I just have to read it!!!