Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Timon's Tide - Charles Butler

Timon's Tide is Charles Butler's second novel. It focuses on 16 year old Daniel, whose elder brother Timon, was drowned six years ago. His body was found near the Bristol docks, bound with plastic cords. Or so Daniel has always believed. Yet Daniel does not doubt that the down-and-out who accosts him in the street is Timon. Daniel already finds his complicated family life, with a step-father and a step-sister, difficult enough, without the unnerving presence of Timon, and the guilt Daniel feels over his brother's death, which he is now uncertain took place.

As with all Charles Butler's novels, Timon's Tide is chilling yet gripping; the pace is swift and the conclusion looks terrifyingly likely to be another tragedy for a family that is being haunted mercilessly.

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